The intruder, police say, is 39-year-old Richard Ringer, who lives in nearby Raymond, N.H. But he also knows Dover very well since he’s the mailman in the area.

As the old saying goes: Don’t judge a mailman until he’s broken into your house and walked a mile in your shoes. Or something to that effect.

A woman in New Hampshire, who recently had surveillance cameras installed in her home, got a shock when the cameras detected someone moving around in her house when she was away. Although he wasn’t in uniform, looking at the images she recognized the intruder as none other than the local mailman. But what was he doing there? His behavior was peculiar. He entered the house twice and didn’t steal anything.

What he did do was try on the woman’s chic leather boots and walk around in them.

According to police, as reported by CBS Boston:

“He didn’t take anything from the house,” according to Lt. Brant Dolleman of the Dover, N.H. Police Department. “Apparently he went into the house once, left the house and went back into the house. While in there, he put on some boots that she had and wore them inside the house, walked around with those on inside the house for some reason.”

Chillingly the woman says the shoes in question were stored in a box under her bed and that he seems to have known exactly where they were, suggesting he’d been in her house before.

What do we know about this sneaky individual? We know that he’s a mailman. And we can speculate that he may be some sort of shoe-fetishist. Both of those things are fine until you add “home invader” to the mix. That’s alarming.

The other scary aspect of this case is that it makes you wonder whether this is how mailmen get their kicks and whether it’s something they do all the time. Think about it. Nobody knows your habits better than the mailman: He knows your comings and goings and how many cars you have, he knows which magazines you subscribe to, and from that and how many free credit card offers you receive he knows your financial situation. He may have delivered those same boots to the homeowner himself in a Zappos box, whispering “I’ll see you two later” to the package before setting it down.

Ok I have to stop there before mailmen become scarier than clowns.

Mailman Breaks Into Woman’s House, Tries On Her Boots


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