2. Someone in Australia was tying their shoe when a Fire Bombing plane had to drop their load due to turbulence

3. Finally finished restoring the Jaguar

4. I liked my $30 Walmart coat until I tried to use the hood this morning. There is no drawstring; this is where the hood settles no matter what I do. Black bar for to keep identity secret.

5. That’s an unfortunate lighting outage…

6. .

7. So, apparently granddad had an… interesting career

8. There were mountain lion tracks on my driveway. I live in a wooded community and go out to the bus alone at 6 AM.


10. My absolute prized possession. My late grandpa’s license plate, he hated it.

11. My wool sweater shrunk in the wash


13. Accidentally glued the rear view mirror mounting tab on backwards and then broke the windshield trying to take it back off

14. Back pain medicine is on the bottom shelf…

15. Got me so excited

16. Found this guy blocking the entrance to my house

17. I finally got the courage to tell a girl in our friendship group I liked her, she fumbled for a reply and then the next day, with her usual big cheery smile gave me and I unwrapped this in front of everyone…ouch!

18. KFC need to make stronger boxes

19. Today I was extremely sad and I thought “I can’t wait to go home and see my cat, he will make me happy”. Ok well I found out he was more depressed than me

20. So my friend dropped his iPad and it got caught between the wall and the glass from the library’s second floor. It looks beautiful

21. I really liked this sweater

22. When I was putting cookies in the oven my AirPod fell out of my ear and into the oven… a little uncomfortable but still works!

23. I hope your morning was better than mine.

24. Tip of fork broke into rice

25. I washed my memory foam pillow

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