'Prophet' claims he can walk in mid-air and proves it with this rubbish videoShepherd Bushiri performing a ‘miracle’ (Picture: YouTube)

Behold! A man who appears to be walking on thin air.

It definitely, definitely does NOT look like he’s holding on to something and just swinging his legs about.

This is Shepherd Bushiri – a ‘prophet’ from Malawi who claims that God blesses him by helping him perform miracles.

He’s part of the religious group Enlightened Christian Gathering, and regularly posts stunts like this onto social media.

Bushiri also claims God ‘blessed’ him with a private jet and a Bentley. (Seems legit.)

‘Flamboyant Malawian Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has left the Christian world thunder-struck after he performed a hair raising miracle that saw him float on thin air,’ the description on his YouTube video reads.

‘Bushiri of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG), who has earned himself a reputation as a man of God with succinct prophecies, left tongues wagging with a new video that depicts him walking in air.

‘After being labelled fake prophet and a conniving fraudster following the video, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has responded in spectacular fashion and pulled off yet another mouth-watering miracle in which he walked on air.’

Watch the c**p amazing stunt here:


Malawian ‘Prophet’ Claims He Can Walk In Mid-Air And Proves It With A CRAPPY FAKE Video

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