As a man with a soft spot for the fairer sex, I can honestly say I’ve never been to an all-male strip club and have only a handful of experiences at clubs with female dancers.

I’ve heard lots of stories about male strip clubs, though — tales ranging from nun-like innocence to out-and-out debauchery. As such, I was a bit curious to discover what these places are really like. So I reached out to Scott Layne Wiseman, owner, founder, and CEO of The Hollywood Men. His strip club was the inspiration for Magic Mike, a movie he calls a “game-changer” for the profession.

Benefits of Magic Mike’s popularity aside — “We have been sold out every night since the release” — Wiseman says the film’s portrayal of male strippers and their female customers was a bit off the mark. So we tracked down 10 exotic dancers working at various venues across the country and asked them to share their most outrageous stories of the industry.

Things have a tendency to get… animalistic

“While going through my routine, a girl was so nervous, when I picked her up to perform a trick, she peed all over me.” — GQ, HunkOMania

“During one of our Vegas shows, I was giving a girl a lap dance and straddling her. When I stood up, three of her friends ran behind me and tightly held my hands behind my back, while the girl I was straddling started pulling my pants down, licking me, and trying to whip out my piece. I looked over at Simon (another stripper), who then came to the rescue and took care of the girls. While the tension was released, there was no happy ending.” –– Chad, Aussie Hunks

“In Melbourne one night, [the club] was the biggest redneck place I had ever seen. I showed up and 30 guys were out front with mullets, giving me death stares. When I got inside, there sat these guys’ 30 girlfriends in the party hall, and they all went crazy. When the show finished… the girls had to sneak me out the side door as the boyfriends were blocking the main entrance, trapping us inside. At the second show [that same night], the girls took my bags and wouldn’t let me leave. They wanted me to take off more of my clothes and perform ‘additional services.’ For the last show of the evening, the girls were having such a great time that they wanted to offer some private oral treatment while I was trying to collect the cash and follow proper ‘stripper protocol.'” — Adam, Aussie Hunks

There’s a lot of money to be made

“I was working Friday night and a woman came up for a hot-seat lap dance and was tipping me $20 bills every 15 seconds for the whole entire song. Needless to say, I made a lot of cash that evening.” — Paolo, The Hollywood Men

Like any performance, there are set (and wardrobe) malfunctions

“At a show in Sydney, I didn’t understand why everyone was cheering so loud, and then when I made it backstage, all the boys were laughing on the floor. One of them kindly pointed out my wardrobe malfunction. Because I had to change so fast after the opening, I’d accidentally put my G-string on backwards and my left nut was hanging out the entire routine.

“On another night in the very first routine, we were standing on the tables, and to get off I had to jump over a girl. To make sure I didn’t hit the girl, I jumped too high and didn’t see the steel beam coming which knocked me out cold. The boys came and picked me up.” — Benny, Aussie Hunks

“We do this act where a woman sits in a chair and five of us guys come out and perform a solo. Well, I came out first, and as I was being all seductive with her and went down to my knee, I put my hand on the back of her hair, and when I went to pull her head back her wig came right off. I felt so bad, the crowd was laughing so hard.

“Since I was the first guy and therefore didn’t have time to tell any of the guys what happened, I just put the wig back on her head and went to my spot. So here comes the next two guys and they were being all sexy with her and one of the guys did the same thing I did and guess what? Off goes the wig. Again! Poor lady, I hope she wasn’t damaged by any of that night.” — Sarge Logan, The Hollywood Men

The audience can be unpredictable

“I once had a girl wish death upon me because I wasn’t a vegetarian. How this came up in conversation, I’m not quite sure.” — EJ, HunkOMania

“During the photo shoot at the end of the night, two girls came on stage to take a picture with the guys and one took off her dress off — no panties. She was naked. And I thought we were the strippers!” — Jay, HunkOMania

Sometimes, the police get involved

“Once our show was done, a group of girls left using a limo service, and one claimed she left her phone in the club. The driver looped around to come back and he got out to grab her phone. While he was inside, this girl climbed into the driver seat, stole the limo, and went on a short-lived chase with the cops until she eventually crashed.” — Matt, HunkOMania

“A police officer came walking through the club and the emcee, joking, yelled on the mic that he was the next act, so the girls chased after him — a legitimate police officer on duty — with dollar bills.” — Casey, HunkOMania


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