On Sunday in China’s southern region of Guangxi, authorities picked up a young man who allegedly killed his girlfriend, then posted a photo of himself lying next to her corpse on the social network WeChat.

CCTV News in China obtained photos that spread widely across several social media channels of suspect Mr. Lin (see above), who was arrested hours after the alleged murder of his girlfriend Qin.

Of the three images collected by CCTV News, one was captioned “Please forgive my selfish love.”

According to police, Qin and Lin were engaged in a heated argument inside their apartment before her death.

The death of Lin and its proof being disseminated across social media comes barely two weeks after the fatal shootings of two reporters in Virginia. On August 26, the killer of two WDBJ7 employees posted video of his alleged murders to his Facebook and Twitter feeds and ultimately took humanity down a notch with the corruption of otherwise mostly innocent social media channels.

Or, if not innocent, at least they were pretty much snuff-free.



Man Arrested For Killing Girlfriend, Posting Selfie With Corpse

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