Man Assaults Roommate For The Most Bizarre Reason

Man Assaults Roommate For The Most Bizarre Reason

When you think about rivalries you probably think about the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox, Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner, or Star Wars and Star Trek, just to name a few. And it’s actually that last rivalry we mentioned that got one dude so riled up he decided to assault his roomie.

It all kicked off when 23-year-old Jerome Dewayne Whyte and his 19-year-old roomie Burke Bradley Warren found themselves in an argument over, and get this, what was a better film franchise: Star Wars or Star Trek. And things got so heated that they became physical.

According to the Oklahoma City Police Department, Warren walked away from the argument, but as he was leaving Warren told Whyte this: “You’re just a trick.” Whatever that means. Whyte was so pissed off by that comment that he followed his roommate into his room, shoved him twice to the floor and then began strangling him — so much so that Warren “went in and out of consciousness.”

Police judged Whyte to be the aggressor (obviously) so he was handcuffed and charged with assault and battery. There’s more. According to the Smoking Gun, Whyte was also charged with marijuana possession. It was also discovered that Whyte had “outstanding arrest warrants in connection with prior convictions for passing bad checks and child abuse.”

So this dude is just a complete idiot. No word yet as to whether Whyte prefers Star Wars or Star Trek.


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The poll at the bottom needs a 3rd option because some of us don’t give a damn about either of those franchises.

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