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Man Awarded $1.2K for Pizza That Never Showed Up

Man Awarded $1.2K for Pizza That Never Showed Up


An Australian man who’s been waiting 18 months for his Domino’s delivery to show up was awarded more than $1,200 in court this week, 9 News reports. According to the Guardian, 30-year-old personal injury lawyer and self-described “battler” Tim Driscoll ordered three pizzas, two garlic breads, and two sodas for a holiday get-together at his place in April 2015. The order never showed. He says it was “embarrassing” and “a bit of a personal insult” to have nothing to serve his guests. After an hour of waiting, he called the store. The manager apologized, said they were very busy, and offered a full refund. The refund also never showed up.


Driscoll pestered Domino’s about the refund for a year, only to be repeatedly told the store was “investigating,” Yahoo7 reports. “They kept saying they were looking into it, but after 12 months of fobbing me off … I thought I had to bring it to a head,” 9 News quotes Driscoll as saying. He sued. According to the Herald Sun, Domino’s failed to show up in court this week, claiming it hadn’t had “appropriate time to consider and take action.” While Driscoll—a Domino’s shareholder, surprisingly—had originally sought $9,000 to “teach them a lesson,” a judge awarded him $1,203.27, just enough to cover his legal fees and the original order. Domino’s initially responded to the judgment by calling Driscoll’s suit “a waste of the court’s valuable time” and promising to appeal, but the chain has since done a 180 and issued a full apology, the Daily Telegraph reports. It’s not clear if an appeal is still planned.


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what a cheap ass makes good money as a lawyer but feeds his guests the cheapest delivery pizza available

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