Man With Bionic Penis Loses Virginity And It Went ‘All Night Long’

Lee Carter had waited his whole life for this moment. The 49-year-old lost his virginity as a man four years after he was fitted with a bionic penis and he said the sex session went all night long.

Lee, who was born as Lisa Carter, underwent five operations over a three-year period to transition from a woman to a man. The surgeries, which cost $65,000, took skin from his arm to build a bionic penis. Then doctors implanted a small pump inside a silicone testicle, which allows him to become erect.

Carter, who is from England, said he has spent 40 years of living in the wrong body.

Lee had previously turned down offers of sex because he wanted to meet the right woman to lose his male virginity to and he finally met that special lady.

Lee met a woman named Leanne on Facebook in March, and four weeks later the couple had sex for the first time in a hotel after drinks at a bar.

Lee wanted to show off that robodick so bad that he drove 200 miles to see Leanne.

“I waited a long time, but it was worth it,” he said of busting his cherry. “It was incredible and we both enjoyed it so much we didn’t stop all night.”

“I said I wanted to wait for the right woman and I’m glad I did because Leanne is a beautiful person inside and out and we are so happy,” Lee said.

“We were both a bit nervous but it was wonderful,” said Leanne, a separated mother-of-two. “I don’t usually talk about sex but I understand people will want to know if it felt normal, and it did, but also very special too.”

Leanne read about Lee’s story in the press and purchased his book, called “Living With Lisa,” which details his transition from female to male.

“We both felt a really strong connection to each other,” Lee said. “I knew she was the one, and she felt the same.”


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