Man Born Without a Penis Claims to Have Slept With More Than 100 Women


  • Andrew wardle man no penis
  • Andrew Wardle, 39, from Stalybridge, Greater Manchester, was born without a penis because his bladder formed outside his body
  • He will have groundbreaking operation where penis will be built from the skin on his arm
  • He spoke on This Morning about how it has affected his relationships


Andrew Wardle is 40-years-old. He claims to have bedded more than 100 women, which is a particularly impressive feat considering he was born without a penis. And now he’s documenting his life on an upcoming TLC special.

The man — who was born with testicles — says he’s only shared this fact with “about 20 percent” of his former lovers. In a March 2013 interview, he explained that he’s able to “satisfy” them sexually in every way besides vaginal penetration.

“I’d take girls to bed but tell them things could only go so far because I couldn’t rise to the occasion,” he told ‘This Morning,’ the ‘Daily Mail‘ reports. “Most of the time, they didn’t seem too bothered — they liked the fact I could pleasure them in other ways and never expected anything in return.”

Andrew WArdle

The 40-year-old doesn’t clarify how he’s able to perform the act of sex, but it’s believed he used a prosthetic penis. (Photo Credit: TLC)

So how have some of these women reacted?

“It is difficult to explain to a new girlfriend but when I have some have been really nice about it,” he said. “But I was punched in the face once when I told a girl. I guess she was angry as she felt like I had lied but it’s not something you can say right away.”

The TLC special, appropriately titled The Man With No Penis, is slated to air this June.

Sick of living a lie, Andrew allowed a film crew to follow him for 12 months. The program will also focus on his plans to go under the knife for a surgery that, if successful, will give him a functioning penis using skin, blood vessels and nerves from his arm.

Andrew Wardle

Andrew’s condition is the result of an ectopic bladder, which means his bladder was formed outside his body. This was corrected when he was a young man. (Photo Credit: TLC)

“I’ve got a long road ahead of me,” he previously said. “They told me that after a year and quite a few operations, I’ll have penis that works the same way as any other man’s.”

In addition to coming clean with his secret and preparing for the surgery, part of the ‘TLC’ special — which airs June 11 — will focus on how he broke the news to his long-term girlfriend.

Watch a teaser for ‘The Man With No Penis’ below:

TLC Promo – The Man With No Penis from Nicki Noermark on Vimeo.

‘I was punched in the face on a date for not having a penis’: Man born without manhood reveals effect it has had on his love life



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