Mark Swistun, who co-owns the Royal Oak pub in Penclawdd, Wales, did just that when he angrily attacked the bar that he owns with a bulldozer in July, smashing it half way to bits, reports the The Guardian. He won’t face charges because he owns the place that he wrecked.

Mark Swistun, who co-owns the Royal Oak pub in Penclawdd, Wales.

The drastic act of self-inflicted vandalism didn’t spring from Swistun being drunk, as you might expect, but from him not being drunk enough. Having invested $92,000 of his own money into the pub, it seems Swistun became justifiably upset when he was refused a drink after last call at 11 p.m.

But instead of simply berating the bartender or throwing a tantrum, Swistun decided to respond to the snub with extreme prejudice, returning to the terrible establishment of which he’s the co-proprietor at 1 a.m. with a bloody bulldozer and smashing it up like Godzilla with a hard on.

“[Swistun] used the digger to smash through an extension roof and outer wall, leaving an gaping hole in the side of the building. Swistun’s rampage reportedly also flattened outside picnic tables and parasols.”

This is apparently acceptable drunk behavior in Welsh country because, according to the The Guardian, “it is understood that no one had made a complaint” despite Swistun having done some $60,000 worth of damage to the building.

What’s alarming to us is apparently not such a big deal across Atlantic, with the building’s landlady, who was asleep during the incident. She said simply: “I came down in my pajamas to see half the pub had been demolished.”

Get this man a drink already before he destroys something that doesn’t belong to him.



Man Bulldozes His Own Bar When They Won’t Serve Him A Drink

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