Man Called 911 3 Times Before Cops Arrive And Kill Him

Chicago police revealed late Monday that, the night he was fatally shot by two officers, 19-year-old Quintonio LeGrier called 911 three times in as many minutes asking for help only to be hung up on by the dispatcher. Police responded only after LeGrier’s father placed a fourth call, and when they arrived on the scene, shot the teen and his 55-year-old neighbor to death.

According to The New York Times, the dispatcher is facing disciplinary actions for violating protocols. LeGrier said his life was in danger, which should have immediately prompted the dispatcher to send assistance. But because LeGrier didn’t share his last name or describe the specific nature of the emergency, she didn’t:

“I just need an officer over here, O.K.?” Mr. LeGrier said.

“No,” the dispatcher answered, “it don’t work like that. What’s your emergency?”

Pressed three times to explain what was wrong, Mr. LeGrier finally said, “Someone is threatening my life,” then pleaded for an officer to be sent, as the dispatcher continued to seek his last name.

“There’s an emergency!” Mr. LeGrier said. The dispatcher answered: “O.K., if you can’t answer the questions I’m going to hang up.”

“I need the police!” Mr. LeGrier said.

“Terminating the call,” the dispatcher responded.

It is not a requirement for people calling 911 to divulge their names.

LeGrier’s family said the teen had been suffering from behavioral health issues in the preceding months, and the night of December 26 was behaving erratically. Police said the teen charged at them with a baseball bat, prompting them to shoot him six times. A neighbor, 55-year-old Bettie Jones, who had gone to answer the door to allow police to enter, was accidentally shot once in the chest. Both died from their injuries.

Until Monday, only two of the four calls placed, one of which was from LeGrier’s father, had been revealed to the public. All four can be heard below.





Man Called 911 3 Times Before Cops Arrive And Kill Him

2 replies on “Man Called 911 3 Times Before Cops Arrive And Kill Him”

what a cluster fuck of bad judgement and arrogance. It’s a shame.

The police aren’t here to protect black people, they are here to shoot black people. A black person would have to be suicidal to call the cops; doubly so to answer the door to a cop while holding a baseball bat. As for his neighbour, with police already in kill-anything-black-that-moves mode, what was she doing answering her door?

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