Man Can’t Decide Between His Wife And His ‘Dream Girl’

Man Can’t Decide Between His Wife And His ‘Dream Girl’

Despite 36 years of faithful marriage, engineer James from Atlanta cannot decide who he likes better; his wife or the dream girl he built.

James’ poor wife Tine must be livid as she listens to her husband describe his animatronic dolls as ‘the perfect girl’ on the Channel 4 documentary The Sex Robots Are Coming.

You’d think an engineer with James’ talent would put his skills to better use, like making a device to create renewable energy or building an environmentally friendly flying car, but I guess his time is better put to use making a life-like doll, named April, to compete with his 100% human wife.

If you’ve just done a double-take and asked yourself ‘Did James give his doll a name?’ you’re right, he did name her. As well as having a name, April was built to have luxurious blonde hair, alluring blue eyes, a body to die for (made from silicone) and ‘the perfect personality’ – courtesy of an advanced CPU board. This is what Tine has to compete with.

However, despite April’s manufactured beauty, she’s still a robot and that should be enough for Tine to be the number one only girl in James’ life. Alas, the man just can’t seem to pick which he prefers more, his wife of 36 years or his ‘dream girl’ who – just in case you haven’t been paying attention – happens to be a fully functioning pleasure doll.

Things get more complicated – and dare we say tense – as one segment has James describing April to the camera – and in front of his wife – as ‘the perfect girl’.

Just look at the rage in those eyes, you can almost smell the potential divorce in the air. I guess a ménage à trois is out of the question?

Yet despite the animatronic harlot proving to be an obstacle in James and Tine’s marriage she says James is ‘a good husband’ and they are still very much in love with each other. However when asked who he would pick between April and his wife he replied: ‘I honestly don’t know’.

James began working on April when Tine moved away for nine months to look after her sick mum. When she returned she was greeted by legions of dolls, including ‘HDIC’ (Head Doll In Charge) April.

Upon meeting James’ new female companions a ‘shocked and surprised’ Tine said:

I was a little uneasy about it but it got better as time went along.

If he really wanted to, he could have found somebody else – another live person.

But he didn’t do that. He was true to me like he always was.

James added:

I cannot lie. That first week was awkward, to put it mildly.

Most doll owners, although they go into it with the intention of: ‘It’s only a sex toy’, they find they actually do develop a relationship with that doll.

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