Man In Clown Nose Follows Family Around Store, Trails Them To Parking Lot Where Things Got Totally Weird


A family in upstate New York was totally freaked out this morning when a man in a clown nose started following them around a dollar store for no apparent reason. Things got even weirder when they tried to go out to their car.

A woman was in Dollar Store in the Payne Avenue plaza with her child and a neighbor’s child when police say 67-year-old Herbert Forrester began following them around the store. 7 Eyewitness News spoke to the woman, who says he was following her and the children around while wearing a clown nose.

When the woman and children left, police say he followed them out, ran to his van and put a toilet seat around his head and toilet paper in his mouth.

Cops say the mom ran to her car with her kids as Forrester allegedly yelled, “Yeah, run!” She snapped a photo as evidence and called the cops.

The police caught up with him later, arrested him, and charged him with harrassment. His response?

Officers say he told them that he “has a strange sense of humor and I have to stop.”

He’s also got a car full of odd stuff but let’s get him fixed one problem at a time.


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