Man ‘Confesses To Murder’ On YouTube, Promises To Reveal What He Did



Posted just recently, an extremely distressed man confesses to murdering ‘them’ and describes himself as a ‘killer’ who has gone mad because of drugs.

The video, called ‘who i killed’presents the young man as psychotic. He laughs and says “You’ll see. You’ll all see what I fucking did.”

In a disturbing message, he says:

People who know me, you know I wasn’t always like this. It’s the fucking drugs man, and I know what I did wasn’t right but it fucks with your fucking brain.


This chilling video, posted from the user seventybroad, follows a previous post called ‘my confession im so fucking sorry’ which is captioned:

I’m so fucking sorry for what I’ve done to my friends and family I hope you can forgive me i didnt mean for it to happen like this i didnt mean to be a killer im so fucking sorry i just want to go home.

This video shows the man in a dark abandoned building, presumably in Britain, appearing to be extremely tormented, and confessing: “I’ve murdered them…I never wanted to be a murderer. It wasn’t supposed to be like this.”

Youtube sebsequently removed the video for violation of its policy on harmful or dangerous content.  The confession was reuploaded to vimeo.

The videos don’t appear to be a prank, and would be in extreme bad taste if they were, but with so few views, it does look like he’s lost it.

A few commenters on the first confession video advise him to hand himself in, but the following videos haven’t been commented on, making it seem unlikely it is an effort for a viral prank.


In between the two confession videos above, the same guy attempts suicide by dousing himself in liquid and unsuccessfully setting fire to the abandoned building.

The video is captioned: “i just wanted to fucking end it im so fucking sorry it didnt fucking light please end it”

I assume more videos will follow after ended the most recent video promising: “I will show you very fucking soon what I did.”

It is unclear where the man is and so which police constabulary would investigate.

Whether real or fake, the guy needs serious help.

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