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Man Discovers $3.7M Worth Of Gold In His New House

Man Discovers $3.7M Worth Of Gold In His New House



Inheriting a house from hoarders isn’t so bad when the stuff they hoarded is … a whole bunch of gold. The Guardian reports a man inherited a house in France from his relatives only to discover $3.7 million worth of hidden gold. “It was under the furniture, under piles of linen, in the bathroom … everywhere,” an auctioneer says. It started when the unnamed-yet-very-lucky man started moving furniture and found a box of gold coins attached to the bottom of one piece. He eventually found 5,000 gold pieces, two gold bars, and 37 gold ingots. The entire haul weighed more than 200 pounds. The man has already sold his treasure, but it’s not quite the windfall it seems. He owes a 45% inheritance tax on the gold, plus three years of back taxes if his relatives hadn’t declared it.

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damn,after all the taxes he will be lucky to clear a million.45% inheritance tax on money thats already been taxed is just wrong

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