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Man Dissolved By Hot Spring Was Checking Temperature

Man Dissolved By Hot Spring Was Checking Temperature


A man who left the boardwalk in a highly dangerous area of Yellowstone National Park was looking for a place to swim but ended up being dissolved in a hot spring, according to the final official report on the June 7 accident. The report states that Oregon man Colin Nathaniel Scott, 23 and his sister Sable Scott were looking for a place for soaking, or “hot-potting,” KULR-8reports. The sister told authorities that her brother was reaching down to check the temperature of a pool around 225 yards from the boardwalk when he slipped and fell into what turned out to be a boiling, acidic pool. Deputy Chief Ranger Lorant Veress describes the area as a “very unforgiving environment.”


After Sable Scott went for help, park rangers were able to locate her brother’s body, but they were unable to retrieve him because daylight was fading and a storm was approaching, the Guardian reports. There were no remains to be found the next day, and rescuers concluded that the “hot spring, coupled with its acidic nature, dissolved the remains.” Sable Scott was recording video of her brother when the deadly accident happened, but officials say they won’t release the video or even a description of it. The Washington Post notes that at least 22 people have died in Yellowstone’s geysers since 1870, including a 20-year-old cook who got into the wrong pool when park employees held a “hot-potting” party in 1975.



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Yep. Seen it repeatedly over the years. Geysers, playing with the cute wild animals (which apparently exist solely for one’s amusement), stranded on the mountains, stranded in the canyons, gas station further than one thought… etc, etc. Mother Nature commands quite a bit more respect over this way, and often fails to get it.

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