Man Dressed As Freddy Krueger Shoots Five People At Texas Party


A man dressed as Freddy Krueger made a bunch of people’s nightmares come true late Saturday night when he shot five revelers at a Halloween party in San Antonio.

According to The Star Tribune, the trouble started after two uninvited guests showed up to the Halloween party. Rather than welcome the frightening interlopers, the people at the party got into an argument with them, and the guy dressed like Krueger pulled out a gun and shot five people. The victims were all taken to the hospital, treated and released.


While the cops have reported no leads in the case, they have gotten as far as suspecting the people involved in this nocturnal act of party-pooping may have been drinking.

Via the ST:

“Investigators are trying to determine what prompted the fight. [Sgt. Jesse] Salame says police believe alcohol played a role in the incident.”

Gold star for Sgt. Salame.

The the two men are reportedly still at large. Happy Halloween, everyone in San Antonio.



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