Man Finds Drunk Stranger Passed Out In His Garage, Takes Grossest Photo Of All Time

Man Finds Drunk Stranger Passed Out In His Garage, Takes Grossest Photo Of All Time

Firstly, what you are about to see is gross. So please do not scroll down if you are eating, have eaten, or are going to eat, food. Also don’t scroll down if you’re just a normal person going about your day who has zero interest whatsoever in seeing a disgusting poop photo.

The rest of you sickos, enjoy this very, very, very, VERY gross short story, involving poop. The story is brought to us by a guy named Carlos, who found an extremely unpleasant surprise in his garage and decided to share it with the world.


Please don’t be mad, I literally warned you three times!!!!!!! If you think you’re scarred for life by that photo, just imagine how Carlos feels.

How would you react?!

This seems like an extreme response, but to each his own.

If I had to sum up the internet’s reaction, it would be this:



Many people want to know what happened when this dude woke up.

On the other hand, we can imagine his waking wasn’t any prettier than his sleeping. So maybe we don’t really need any answers.

Editor’s Note: this photo, though gross, also sends an important message about alcohol consumption. If you find yourself passed out in a stranger’s garage covered in feces (your own or someone else’s), you probably have a problem. And there is help out there. Tide pods! JK, it’s rehab.



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