Man Finds Out Wife Works At A Brothel In Worst Way Possible


Igor Alexeev was enjoying a standard evening at home watching the news but seconds later he was forced to witness his wife being busted for her job as a prostitute. 

His wife of eight years, Maria, was caught out on live TV during a police raid of a brothel in Russia’s Republic of Bashkortostan, reports the Mirror.

In the immediate aftermath of the shock raid, Igor typed Maria’s name into Google and found that she was offering a whole host of sexual services including a ‘full night of love’ for £200.


Since the bust, the two have gone their separate ways and Igor has won legal custody of their child.

Now Igor is going to court in order to prevent his wife of seeing their six-year-old daughter ever again.

Igor’s opinion is that their daughter should be able to grow up without the humiliation and shame of people knowing she is the daughter of a sex worker however Maria claims that Igor didn’t earn enough money to support their family.

As well as appearing in court to determine whether or not Maria will see her daughter ever again, she also faces criminal charges for her work at the brothel.

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