Man Fleeing Police Gets Shot After Lunging At Cop With A Knife

Man Fleeing Police Gets Shot After Lunging At Cop With A Knife

A man fled from police, crashed his car, then was fatally shot after attacking an officer in Rabun County this week, authorities said. The chase and shooting were caught on dash cam video which was released by the Clayton Police Department on Friday. Clayton Police Chief Andy Strait said the officer, who has not yet been identified, attempted to pull over a vehicle along Highway 441 for doing 68 in a 45 mph zone. Instead of pulling over, the driver turned off on a side street, blew through an intersection, caught air on a curve, and crashed in the driveway of Mountain View Health and Rehab. The video shows the officer arriving at the scene of the crash. The car was smoking and the side airbags can be seen fully deployed. The officer struggled to see the man inside, who appeared to him to have been crawling into the back seat. Eventually, the man emerged, having kicked out the back window. The man then climbed on top of the vehicle. With something apparently in his hand, he lunged at the officer and fell face down on the ground.

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