Man In Front-End Loader Robs Liquor Store, Leads Cops On Slow-Speed Chase

He thought he could lose ‘em.

The “he” in this case is a man in Anchorage, Alaska, who, in the early hours of the morning on May 26, smashed a stolen front-end loader through the window of a liquor store, stole several bottles of booze, and then led police on a slow-speed chase that ended with predictable results.

It was after 3 a.m. when the man, Joseph Martin, smashed his way into the Brown Jug liquor store “ripping off most of the front entrance of the store,” according to a witness, reports Alaska Dispatch News.

He then took off as fast as the slow-moving construction vehicle he’d stolen earlier could carry him.

Eating up the pavement at speeds of up to 15 miles per hour, the heavy machinery bandit led police on a merry chase as they followed patiently along. Eventually boxed in inside an RV park, Martin finished his wild night by leaping from the machine and being handcuffed on the ground. Shockingly, police say Martin’s breath was producing “a strong odor of alcohol.”

Acting on a tip from our film department regarding famous slow-speed chases in cinema, Chaostrophic has reached deep into our archives for a relevant clip from the critically-acclaimed 2002 film “Undercover Brother.”


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