Man Goes To Bed And Wakes Up To Find Himself $150 Million Overdrawn

“We’ve all been there” is an incredibly overused saying but when we’re talking about checking your bank balance to find yourself overdrawn, unless you’re a millionaire, we really have all been there.

It’s never nice but usually something non-horrific.

Tyler Daniels, from Collingham, Essex, on the other hand… his recent bank balance receipt was quite horrific. Going to bed with 90p tucked away on his card, the 21-year-old awoke the next day to find he was £1.2 million overdrawn. ($1.5 Million)

He told the Mirror: “At first I didn’t see the minus sign and I thought it was my lucky day, then I realised it said I was overdrawn.

“I don’t even have a £1 overdraft, never mind a seven-figure one, so how anyone’s managed to withdraw that kind of money I have no idea.

“I’ve been on the phone to Barclays for hours, I’ve been down to the branch, but I’ve got no access to my accounts and all they’ll tell me is that there’s a fraud investigation.

“I’m having to borrow money off my granddad and the stress of the whole situation is making me ill – it’s like a surreal nightmare.”

His statements show that four withdrawals of £250,000 ($311471) were made before a final £200,000.($249134)

Tyler managed to take out £45 ($56)  from a saving account while reporting the overdraft over the phone.

However, he still has no idea about the whereabouts of the money.


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