Man Hospitalized After Inserting Meter Long Cable Into Penis

Everyone goes through stages where they explore their body. Whether it’s working out what they like or don’t like or even just what the hell is down or around there, it’s a very natural part of growing up and some people continue to find out things about themselves well into adulthood.

But during this process, you work out what your body can and can’t do.

One guy probably should have realised the limitations of his body when he had an itch in his downstairs area. While I’m no doctor, I can safely say that inserting a one metre phone cable into your urethra (aka the hole your urine comes out of) is probably not the best way to scratch that itch.

Yes, I’m serious.

You’re probably thinking: “The sheer thought of anything going up there is horrendous,” well you’re not alone.

But this guy, thought to be in his 60s, managed to get the cable where he needed to get it to give himself some relief.

According to the Daily Mail, once the cable was firmly up his dick, the end of it managed to get tied into a knot in his bladder and when he tried to pull it out, it hurt like a mother fucker.

He was rushed to Dalian Hospital late last month for treatment.

Urologist Dr Gao Zhanfeng said: “The knot gets tighter when the patient tried to pull it out. This causes bleeding in the bladder.”

Thankfully, the cable guy wasn’t completely stupid, as he washed the utensil under water before sticking it up there. So it was as sterilised as much as he thought was necessary.

While you might be thinking that’s the dumbest thing a guy could do with his manhood, you would be wrong.

One guy willingly let his dick get caught in train doors before the Cheltenham Festival. Yes, before the madness of that horse racing event even started.

The (presumably) pissed up reveller stood on the outside of the carriage while one of his mates grabbed his exposed penis and pulled it so that it gets trapped in the shutting doors. As it does, everyone breaks out in hysterical laughter.

He doesn’t appear to be in too much pain, but it does look like he was also pretty plastered. So while it might not have been that bad at the time, it was probably – erm – throbbing quite hard the next day.

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