Man Jailed After Politely Holding Door For Cop

Man Jailed After Politely Holding Door For Cop

What’s that they say about no good deed? A Massachusetts man found himself under arrest after he stopped to hold the door for a police officer leaving a mall in Natick, reports the MetroWest Daily News. “The officer turned around to thank him and recognized him,” says a police spokesperson. After returning to his patrol car, the officer

Being polite at the Natick Mall was the man's downfall.

looked up 28-year-old Kayvon A. Mavaddat in the computer and saw that Mavaddat had outstanding warrants on charges for heroin possession, shoplifting, and driving violations. He then returned to the mall and arrested Mavaddat, who was being held without bail.

Mavaddat’s lawyer argued for release, saying he has a job now and can pay the fees.

Authorities say Kayvon Mavaddat was at the Natick Mall on Friday when he held the door for the leaving officer.


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If you actually read the title…it is not click bait. He held the door for the cop …the cop recognised him and arrested him. it doesn’t say “Man Jailed For Politely Holding Door For Cop”….that would have been bait.

Well with what has been going on lately with LE…I am surpised they didn’t call out the SWAT team and end up shooting him multiple times.

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