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Man Jailed for Severing Wife’s Lover’s Penis

Man Jailed for Severing Wife’s Lover’s Penis


Almost a year after his penis was severed with garden shears, a Japanese lawyer continues to “suffer in agony”—but this should ease his pain a little. Defendant Ikki Kotsugai, 25—who strolled into a Tokyo law office, beat his wife’s lover until he was nearly unconscious, then cut off his penis—was found guilty of “irreparable harm” on Tuesday and sentenced to four and a half years in prison, reports theIndependent. Kotsugai admitted to the crime—including flushing the man’s penis down an office toilet—but said his wife, also an employee of the law firm, told him she had been forced into a sexual relationship with the lawyer; the judge found no evidence that was the case.


“I could not control my anger as I thought she was forced to have relations,” Kotsugai said, per the New York Daily News. He has since apologized to the victim, while the victim apologized for sleeping with Kotsugai’s wife, a Japanese newspaper reports, per theIndependent. But “as a result of the infliction of a truly serious, irreparable injury, the victim continues to be suffer in agony,” the judge said, per the Tokyo Reporter. Prosecutors—who asked for a six-year sentence—added that the victim “has lost his reproductive function, which is a serious health concern, and received mental distress.” He’ll also need further hospital treatment.



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