Man Who Kicked Woman Down Stairs In Unprovoked Attacked Is Jailed

Man Who Kicked Woman Down Stairs In Unprovoked Attacked Is Jailed

A man who was caught on CCTV footage carrying out an unprovoked attack on a woman at train station in Berlin last year has been sentenced to two years and 11 months.

The man, who was named at the trial as Svetoslav S, was filmed kicking a woman down the stairs, in a clip which later went viral. He can be seen creeping down a few stairs before kicking the woman from behind and then callously walking off, smoking.

The man hid his face while in court. (Credit: PA)

The woman received a broken arm and a head wound in the attack, which happened in October last year, but the shocking clip wasn’t shared until December, and then it was soon all over the internet with thousands of people sharing it in the hopes the man would get caught.

He was arrested 11 days after the clip surfaced online after a member of the public spotted him.

Credit: Berlin Police

The attacker, who could be seen holding a bottle in the clip, was later charged with grievous bodily harm.

During the trial the 28-year-old Bulgarian man said he couldn’t remember the attack, but admitted it was him in the video, which was filmed at Hermannstrasse, Berlin.

Credit: Berlin Police

The victim testified that she fell head first and landed on her face, she also told the court the attack had left her avoiding contact with the outside world, the BBC reports.

The court also heard the attacker was suffering from brain damage, as a result of a car crash.

According to the news outlet, the man would have been hit with a longer sentence, but a psychiatric expert argued that brain damage, as well as alcohol and drug use, meant the attacker had diminished responsibility.



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