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Man Married To Sex Addict, Who Slept With Girls ‘Just To Satisfy Cravings’, Says Keeping Up With Her Is ‘Exhausting’

Man Married To Sex Addict, Who Slept With Girls ‘Just To Satisfy Cravings’, Says Keeping Up With Her Is ‘Exhausting’


James Keates and Sami Walton have been together for four years, and while some married couples experience their sex lives drying up over time it couldn’t be further from the truth for James and Sami.

You see, Sami is a sex addict – yes, they exist. No, she will not bang you at will just because you have a pulse and a penis. It’s a legitimate condition some people suffer from and can affect your life, relationships and career if untreated.


Sami knows this, as she’s put herself into hundreds of dangerous situations just to get a “fix,” and admits that the demise of her career is due to her addiction as well:

When she [Sami] started to have casual encounters ¬regularly with friends and strangers, she assumed she was so keen ¬because she was on the rebound.

But soon she was travelling all across the country to meet men – and women – for sex and then failing to turn up for work.

… She said: “I had to phone my boss and tell her I couldn’t come into work ¬because I was stranded in Birmingham following a one-night stand. I broke down and told her I was a sex addict.

“She was understanding at first but when I continually failed to turn up for work, she eventually told me she couldn’t keep paying me.”(via)

Sami didn’t realize she had a problem until she was in her early 20’s and had broken out of a long-term relationship. Despite seeing that her addiction was beginning to ruin her life, it wasn’t until shit really started hitting the fan that Sami realized she needed help:

She said: “Things spiralled out of control completely and I drove my friends away because all I cared about was sex. I had a huge network of people I’d sleep with regularly – I’d call them my friends with benefits – but I’d also sleep with strangers.

“Some evenings if I had nothing else to do I’d go to a wine bar, order myself a drink and sit at the bar until I got chatting to someone in the hope of  sleeping with them.(via)


Sami recalls that despite considering herself straight, she’s had moments where she was so “desperate for some action” that she slept with women “just to satisfy my cravings.” Often waking up thousands of miles away from home after travelling to the other side of the country for sex, Sami has “no idea” how many people she has slept with total and admits that she’s put herself into dangerous situations before by going home with complete strangers.

It wasn’t until Sami met Ben, six months after being fired, that things began to look up for her:

James said: “Sami didn’t have to tell me she was a sex addict. As soon as we got together it was pretty obvious. I reassured her that she could talk to me about her problem and since then we’ve always been open with each other.

“We have had some good times as I’m quite adventurous in bed too. One Bank Holiday ¬weekend we had sex around 40 times. But now I’m getting a bit older I do get tired more easily so I’m glad she has her sex toys as well.”(via)


Speaking of sex toys, Sami owns over $2,000’s worth of them, just “in case” James is too tired to satiate her cravings. And while you may be sitting there, wondering how James could ever get tired of having sex constantly when your girlfriend only ever gives you a rusty OTPHJ once a year on your birthday, he does admit sometimes it’s not so bad:

He said: “All my mates are jealous of me and it’s a bit of a running joke when we sneak away from the pub early for sex.

“I’d be lying if I said a girlfriend who wants sex constantly doesn’t have its advantages. In the early days I felt like I’d won the lottery.

“But now I’m getting a bit older it can be exhausting and I know it gets Sami down. I just try my best to be understanding.”(via)

As for whether or not James is afraid Sami will ever cheat on him, he says that he’s a “very secure person” and that the two of them are open enough with each other that he knows he can trust Sami. He says “I try to keep up with her as best I can,” and believes that doing so “stops her from looking elsewhere.”


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