Man Performs Citizen’s Arrest On Suspected Drunk Driver

Man Performs Citizen’s Arrest On Suspected Drunk Driver


A dramatic video has emerged from the United States of a man performing a citizen’s arrest on a motorist he suspected of driving under the influence.

The footage, captured in Houston, Texas on July 22, shows the motorist driving extremely erratically with his front bumper hanging loose after an earlier crash.

The filmer’s car can be seen tailing the vehicle as it veers wildly back and forth across the road.

The driver then pulls up in a car park, allowing the filmer and his family members to assist with getting the driver out of the car.

Police then arrive promptly to lead the suspect away.

“Many people have criticised how I acted, telling me that I shouldn’t have got involved, that the guy could have ran me over and kill me. But at that point I only thought of doing something before someone got hurt,” the filmer wrote online.

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