Man Pours Boiling Water Over Coworker’s Head Because He Took His GF’s Half-Eaten Hot Dog


Whatever you do in life, make sure you do not eat the hot dog of this man’s girlfriend, for you will feel his wrath.

They say chivalry is dead. This dude says, “Fuck you! Chivalry is not dead and if you disagree with me I will melt your face by throwing a pot of boiling water on you!!!” You see 28-year-old Kian-Wee Show is a hopeless romantic, and when somebody disrespects his lady, he will come to her aid.

We take you to a fresh produce company in New Zealand where Mr. Show works. Last July, a coworker, Bin Wu, stole a half-eaten hot dog from Show’s girlfriend’s plate during lunch at their place of employment. Apparently, hot dog theft is taken very seriously in New Zealand. The very next day, Show wanted to prove to Wu and everyone at work that nobody, and I mean nobody, steals a half-eaten collagen cylinder full of sulfites from his chick.

CCTV footage reveals Mr. Show going to the coffee dispenser and filling a bucket full of boiling water. Show walks up behind Wu and dumps the entire bucket of scalding water on his head. Another coworker snatches the bucket away from Show and smacks him in the head with it.

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Wu went to the emergency room to treat the third-degree burns he suffered on his back, neck and head. The wounds are not expected to recover for years.

Mr. Show has been sentenced to five-and-a-half years in jail. While his actions were sadistic, he is definitely husband material. Whoever the lucky lady who is dating this chivalrous gentleman needs to marry him immediately. I could only dream of meeting a woman who would defend my honor and my wiener with such sheer ferocity.

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