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Man Pretending To Be Woman Becomes Finalist In Beauty Contest

Man Pretending To Be Woman Becomes Finalist In Beauty Contest

A finalist of a national female beauty contest in Kazakhstan dramatically revealed that he is a man, according to reports.

Ilay Dyagilev fooled organisers into thinking he was Alina Alieva, and beat 4,000 fellow applicants to the final of the competition.

He decided to reveal his rouse to the organisers in the final, when he realised it had ‘gone too far’.


The 22-year-old said:

My friends and I, we had a debate on beauty, and I decided to take part in the pageant. I’ve always been a champion of natural beauty.

You can see that many young women look identical, the same make-up, the same style – and they believe that they are beautiful if they follow trends. I don’t think so.

I came through to the finale and decided to expose the identity of Arina Alieva when I realised it had gone too far.

At the very beginning there were around 4000 applcations from across Kazakhstan, but I got to the final.

The organisers were understandably shocked by the revelation, and he was instantly removed from the competition.

He was replaced byAikerim Temirkhanova, who received 1975 votes compared with Arina Alieva’s 2012.

By the time he was catapulted from the competition, he was one of 16 competitors who had made it through the process.

Dyagilev’s transformation into Alieva is pretty convincing:

Just last year, a similar incident happened in Russia, when male student Andrey Nagorny, 20, entered a lingerie contest as a woman and won.

He donned his girlfriend’s lingerie, make-up and adopted the name Ms Avocado (which right there should have been a sign).

As soon as the organisers of the competition realised what he had done, Nagorny was stripped of the prize and the title.

These instances raise interesting questions about the gender-normative nature of beauty and whether there is really any place for the traditional conception of female attractiveness in the modern world.

Showing that a man can successfully create an image of female beauty to the point of success in a beauty contest just goes to show that female beauty as a construct is an outdated frame through which we see the world.

Bravo that man!

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No, it just shows that if you have the right bone structure and a good stylist, you can pass as a woman.

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