Man Receives Obnoxious Texts From Neighbors Over A Napping Baby And Noise

Man Receives Obnoxious Texts From Neighbors Over A Napping Baby And Noise


These Types Of Neighbors Are The Absolute Worst

I know this might come as a shock to some parents, but there are other people living in this world who lives don’t revolve around your crying baby. But one man’s neighbors just don’t seem to understand that. Imgur user ChefShwasty revealed pages and pages (SIX MONTHS OF PAGES to be exact) of some pretty obnoxious text messages from his neighbors asking him to be quiet whenever their baby was sleeping. Before I get into it, the Imgur user gave us a background on the whole situation and here’s what you need to know:

When the neighbors moved in he introduced himself gave them his number and warned them about his drum set and short weekly practices (about 30 min). Sounds like a pretty decent guy right? He has never had a complaint from previous neighbors. HE CHANGED HIS SCHEDULE AROUND JUST FOR THESE NEIGHBORS


In his first post, ChefShwasty writes “That was the first text. What follows is a story of harassment, stalking, and blackmail.”

And so it does:






About this ChefShwasty writes, ” I just handed my dad (non-drummer) a stick and let him hit a few pads. I IMMEDIATELY got this text. The ridiculousness was ramping.”

But finally, he stopped replying after a while



And despite his complacency, he even found out from one of his friends who works at the complex’s management that these neighbors were filing reports about him


ChefShwasty writes that this text above is the turning point. (As if things were not bad enough already.)

“Within seconds, Mr. Whiny-pants was POUNDING on the ceiling with his fists as hard as he could, enough to possibly cause damage to the ceiling itself. Then, I heard sprinting up the stairs outside. He kicked our door.

I opened it to find him red-faced, and clenching his fists. He started laying into me about how I can’t be doing what I was doing, and shrieked on and on. I explained to him my previous courtesies, and lamented about how I couldn’t even do this once. He kept getting in my face about the matter, so I told him simply that I was doing complying to texts. I was done being courteous if all I was going to get in return was hostility. He stormed down the stairs saying something about me regretting this.

My girlfriend was thinking about calling 911. Needless to say, we stopped practice that night.” So he stops playing. But the texts continue


You know what I have to say to that? “I don’t care how well your kid sleeps. I live here too. Deal with it.” Then, he gets this notice:


This next part just angers me to the core:

“The next day, Mrs. Whiny-pants comes up to our door while I’m at work and speaks to my girlfriend. She explains to her that “this would’ve all never happened if we were just friends,” making this sound like an extortion for friendship. She also said that they were beginning to think that they were going to have to get the cops involved soon, because “whenever we call to complain to the office anymore, they just hang up on us.” She also explained about her husband’s terrible anger problems.”

And now he is about to be evicted.

This is harassment on SO many levels. Some people took to commenting sound advice:

screaming restrainging-order number-3 number-1 birds

How do you think he should resolve it?


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