Man Sarcastically Watches The World Burn

I Am Bored Man Sarcastically Watches The World Burn

fire-640x418Brian Sherman was heading to work Saturday morning when he couldn’t help but notice the sign for The Goodman Theatre in Chicago happened to be on fire. It is not supposed to be on fire.

Sherman, a DJ at 101WKQX called the fire department, and then, like anyone else living in this century would do, decided to film the inferno.

The visuals are entertaining enough (who doesn’t enjoy watching stuff burn?) but what really elevates this video into an art form is Sherman’s sarcastic commentary. He wonders if the sign being on fire is normal then suggests somebody “might wanna get a hose.” As the sirens from the approaching fire engines get louder and louder he calmly announces “Oh, here comes some guys with hoses.”

A few drama filled seconds pass before Sherman hits us with the brilliant closer, “it is an eye catcher, though.”

According to ABC 7, it was an electrical fire that started around 5:30 am and nobody was injured.

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