Man Who Says He Was A ‘Fat Blob’ From Drinking Too Much Loses 80 Pounds And Now Has A Six-Pack

We love body transformation stories, from the 120 pound Bro who accidentally spent three years bulking to the guy who used a treadmill for 100 days straight just to see what would happen, if you’re a fat guy trying to get fit or a fit guy trying to get fat (you do you, boo boo) we want to hear from you!

And speaking of fat guys trying to get fit, we’ve got to admit that Dhruv Sharma did a SPECTACULAR job of turning his life around all on his own. Dhruv says that his weight gain initially started while he was attending Ohio State. Like most college students, Dhruv wasn’t immune to the freshman 15 (and then some), explaining that he drank substantially and ate quite a bit to pack on a few pounds of fat. “I went from a lanky kid from India to being a giant belly owner” he writes, ”even when I got a job in Jersey I just used the extra money to eat like a monster.”

As with many weight loss stories, there was a turning point that makes you realize it’s time to shed the excess weight. For Dhruv, it was attending his sister’s wedding:

My sister got married in early 2014 and to see myself as a fat blob in those pictures was my trigger point.

I started out experimenting with dole salads and Trader Joe’s pre-cooked chicken. I started going to sleep at 8 p.m. and waking up at 4 a.m. to go to the gym when it was empty because I was embarrassed to work out in front of people (shy Indian kid).

Slowly and steadily I started cooking (having never cooked before in my life). Learned stuff from YouTube and sites like BroBible. Started with baking chicken breast. Learned how to measure and package food for the week.

In the end he managed to lose an impressive 80 pounds and says he went from having a 42” waist to a 32”, plus a six-pack.

As for how he’s doing now, Dhruv says that he works out with a trainer in the evenings and is no longer ashamed of his body. Judging from his transformation photos, it’s clear he’s done a badass job and then some:



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