Man Sets Honey-Trap For His Girlfriend, Doesn’t Like What He Sees


I’m not really sure how I feel about setting up your partner to try and catch them cheating. I feel like anyone who does it is just asking for trouble, even if they ‘pass’ you’d then have to deal with the fallout from setting them up.

Anyway, one fella who doesn’t worry about such things approached YouTube channel To Catch A Cheater to set a honey-trap for his gym-loving other half.

And, well it doesn’t end well. Look at his face…

It all starts innocently enough, with the man watching his girlfriend lift some weights before she’s approached by a ‘fitness instructor’, who is of course an actor set to try and catch her out. He introduces himself and offers her a ‘few pointers’ (heh), which she accepts.

He gets in pretty close behind the woman and tells her to ‘spread her legs a bit’ all while her boyfriend watches via the hidden camera.

The ‘trainer’ then leads the woman to a private yoga to show her a ‘few workouts’ and begins by helping her stretch.

Poor Peter, though, he’s getting a bit upset by now, “Oh yeah, just stretching!” he shouts, before adding: “They’re having sex with their clothes on!”

Host Luis, who set up the trap can be heard telling Peter ‘that’s basically what trainers’ before Peter fires back ‘not to that extent’.

The private session lasts 18 minutes before he ends it by massaging her legs and giving her a little slap on the bum. He then says: “we should hook up some time,” and even though she tells him she is in a relationship she also says agrees to meet up with him without her boyfriend. oooh.

However, at the end of the video Peter says that he was actually hoping to catch his other half cheating so he can break up with her.

Whatever you say, buddy.

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