Man Shoots His Way Into Hospital After Shooting Himself

restonman1When an unamed 52-year-old man with a self-inflicted gunshot wound showed up at Reston Hospital Center in Reston, Virginia, he had a unique and hazardous way of getting inside – by shooting some more.

When the man, who didn’t use the emergency room entrance, discovered that the door he was trying to enter through was locked, he proceeded to shoot his way inside, according to a police spokesman:

“He gets out of his car in front of the hospital and attempts to gain entry to the hospital. He finds the doors locked, so he apparently fires a bullet, a round at the glass doors, breaks the doors, gains entry into the hospital,” says police spokesman Don Gotthardt.


Hospital staff approached the man to give him medical aid once he entered the building, upon which the man fired another shot, which didn’t strike anyone. Finally he gave up his weapon and was treated for his injuries. Police are still investigating and have yet to decide whether to charge the man with a crime. All told they sound remarkably understanding about the whole thing, with police spokesman Don Gotthardt saying “Obviously, the man’s medical condition is paramount. Once the entire situation is understood, police will determine whether to charge the man, who has not been identified.”



Man Shoots His Way Into Hospital After Shooting Himself

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Lucky for him there were no good guys with a gun around.

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