Man So Absorbed With Selfie Stick Doesn’t Realize He’s Being Pickpocketed & Films It

A staggering one million people turned out recently in Ecuador to see Cool Pope Francis during his visit. But some members of the flock turned out to be wolves in sheep’s clothing as musician Diego Miño found out when his self stick-aided video of the event captured a pickpocket stalking him and then stealing his mobile phone.

In what may be the first documented instance of a selfie stick actually proving useful for purposes beyond human vanity, the lofted GoPro camera gives us a clear view of the pickpocket, even capturing the moment the robber makes his move. The thief, who’s clad in a black jacket and grey shirt, clearly has Miño marked as an easy target and can be seen following him doggedly through the crowd, at one point even rushing to catch up with his prey.

All that aside, how catchy is that  “Papa Francisco” song that’s playing in the background??

[Daily Mail | Images: Youtube]

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