This Man Spent $80K On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Britney Spears

This is Brian Ray, a 31-year-old from Los Angeles. To call him a Britney Spears “fan” would be a tremendous understatement:

Miss American dream since I was 17

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Ray has devoted much of his life—and savings—to transforming himself into a Britney Spears look-alike. He spent over $80K on plastic surgery including a nose job, teeth veneers, fat injections, laser hair removal, lip fillers and Botox injections, the Daily Mail reports. On top of that, he now spends $500 a month on lotions and creams to maintain that youthful Britney glow.

This is what he used to look like (Brian is pictured on the left, next to his idol who he’s met three times):

Ray’s love for Brit extends far beyond the superficial. He also knows all her dance choreography, performs in nightclubs as a Britney impersonator, and his friends even call him “Britney.”

He doesn’t sing, but he does a mean lip-sync:

A little late night Touch of My Hand ??? #britneyspears

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And it’s good that he’s putting them to use, because those lips cost a lot. Here he is getting ready for lip injections:

Fill me up ??????

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Bryan, who runs a marijuana edibles company, told the Daily Mail that his Brit-obsession started young:

I love making modifications to my face and body with the art of plastic surgery, fillers and countless other cosmetic procedures. Ever since I was young there was something about Britney Spears and the qualities she had that I thought was the perfect package. Britney will always be one of my biggest inspirations, I love that she was the biggest star in the world went through an incredibly hard time and came out on top.

He’s addicted to her. Doesn’t he know that she’s toxic? (Her words!)

Ray has met Britney three times, including during her 2007 meltdown. He recalls:

She was going through a dark period and was speaking in a British accent while waiting in line at a pharmacy, she acknowledged me but wasn’t too friendly.

I really don’t know how to put in to words how I feel about all this. So I’ll let Britney say it for me:

what animated GIF


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