A Man Sued A Swingers Festival For Denying Him Entrance Due To His Lack Of References

A Man Sued A Swingers Festival For Denying Him Entrance Due To His Lack Of References

References, man.

You thought you were done with them after you applied to college.

But then, like fuck, you needed them on your first job application.

When it came time to get your first apartment, again, people were required to vouch for you.

All bullshit, man. Because anyone can get anyone to lie for them.

Well, everyone except Roy Maggs of England.

He got denied entry to a swingers festival in Forest of Dean. He’d purchased a ticket for nearly $200 for the three-day, 500-person sex festival, but when he arrived, he was not let in.

That’s because men who arrived alone were required to have two references, uploaded to the swingers festival site before arriving. Mr. Maggs hadn’t done that. He’d emailed them instead, which wasn’t good enough.

Thus, no sexy swinging with strangers. Which he had described himself as being “keen” on partaking in.

Damn, right. After being denied admission and refused a refund, Maggs did what any aggrieved person in that situation would do. Sue.

The eight-month long affair ended this week, with a judge refusing to issue a refund.

That said, this sad story does have a happy ending.

Swingfields owners Deborah and Stuart Wilson, from Highnam, Gloucestershire, accepted he now has references and say he will be allowed to come to the next erotic event – due to take place in the summer.




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