A gamer in Siberia says he lost his job and his wife after playing Fallout 4 for three weeks straight, during which he skipped work, ignored his friends, and barely slept or ate.

Now he’s suing Bethesda, the maker of Fallout 4, for making their game so addictive and ruining his life. He’s demanding 500,000 rubles (or $7,020) in compensation for emotional stress.

He’s basically suing them for making their game too good.

To be fair, this occurred in Siberia, home of the “Coldest Town On Earth,” where the average annual temperature is 23 degrees Fahrenheit and -13 degrees in January. If you lived in ass-chapping temperatures like that, you’d be tempted to loaf around inside playing video games all day too.

Still, it’s a stretch.

If this lawsuit bears fruit it will set an incredible precedent, namely that manufacturers can be held legally responsible for customers overusing or abusing their products.

If that’s the case, I would like to sue the makers of all the products that have wasted my time and money, damaged my relationships, and otherwise held me back in life, including, but not limited to, the makers of video games, donuts, Marvel trading cards, bad Chinese food, worse television, cheap whisky, cheaper wine, expensive beer, and whoever made the internet.



Man Sues Video Game Maker After Fallout 4 Addiction Ruins His Life

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