Man Swipes Right On Tinder Just To Tell Woman She’s Overweight

Tinder is weird, isn’t it? It’s pretty much how everyone meets these days, but you’re only one wrong right swipe away from an unsolicited dick pic. Of course, you may also be only one right swipe away from the love of your life…or at least someone willing to have sex with you, so that’s why people keep coming back to it.

However, this Tinder interaction is enough to put anyone off. This guy purposely matched with a woman just tell her that she was overweight and that he was out of her league. Ah Tinder.

In a series of messages, which the woman’s best friend shared online and with Elite Daily, the man continues to claim that all women are full of themselves.

The dickhead Tinder-user is identified only as a 23-year-old called Connor, who matched with the lady after they both swiped right.

In the conversation, which was struck up shortly after they matched, Connor asked ‘What are you up too?’ before feeling the need to tell the woman that she is ‘one fat mother fucker’, what an absolute charmer. I see a very happy future for this guy…

In fairness to the woman she handles it really well. I’m pretty sure I would have resorted to name calling and being just as horrible as he was being, but, no, she keeps it classy, sarcastically thanking him for motivating her to change her life.

Instead of just shutting the fuck up, Connor then goes on to tell her (again) that she’s overweight before adding ‘you are way out of my league’, which the lady agrees with; telling him that she is, because she treats people kindly regardless of what they look like. Or how they act, if this conversation is anything to go by.

He then brands all females as ‘full of themselves’ for whatever reason.

He goes on to tell the woman what sort of person she is, based on their short exchange. “When a nice dude who is average and overweight comes to you and wants to get to know you, you’d deny him” he writes.

“But ironically if you were a dude you’d be just like him. Think about it like that.”

To which the woman replies, ‘you don’t have the slightest clue about me or what I would do’, well, yeah. Fair point, he definitely doesn’t.


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