Man On Trial For Manslaughter After Another Man Dies During Sex Game

A man is on trial for manslaughter after he fell asleep leaving his ‘submissive’ lover to suffocate with a gas mask on, a court has heard.

Kevin Adams, 52, had been enjoying a night of ‘playing’ with Dohoon Kim, 36, whom he would reportedly meet on a ‘monthly’ basis.

The pair had been taking meth-amphetamine, mephedrone and slamming shots of GBL, an anaesthetic ‘date rape’ drug prior to Kim’s death on June 13, 2015.

Adams, the dominant partner, would tie Kim up by his neck, wrists and ankles. Photos were taken in between sessions.

Adams fell asleep while Kim was still naked and trussed up on the floor, a court was told. Kim also had a rope around his neck.

Prosecutors say Adam dialled 999, told the receiver that his friend was not breathing, dismissing that he’d fallen asleep. But the prosecution insist Adams must have fallen asleep. When paramedics arrived ten minutes after the emergency call, they found Kim in a state of rigamortis.

Prosecutor Adam Feest QC said:

At around 2am the emergency services received a call from Kevin Adams.

He told them he and his friend had been having sex which involved them being tied up, and his friend was not breathing.

An ambulance was dispatched but by the time paramedics arrived it was too late to save the life of Dohoon Kim.

A post-mortem examination showed the cause of death was a restriction of his airwaves and the effects of the drugs he had taken.


He added:

A full police investigation followed. The two men had been engaging in sexual activity which involved drugs, bondage and restraint of the deceased’s airwaves by the gas mask as well as other sexual acts which may seem extreme.

Dohoon Kim was a consensual but submissive partner in the relationship. It appears that he met his death at a time he was both restrained and wearing a full facial gas mask.’

Adams denied a charge of manslaughter his declared he had failed in his duty to ensure Kim ‘safety and well-being during and after sexual activity,’ as the drugs and bondage restraints created a ‘potentially dangerous and life threatening situation.’

Mr Feest added:

It is the Crown’s case that two people are entitled to engage in risky sexual activity that carries the potential for death to occur.

Such entitlement brings with it a responsibility to the partners both before and after sexual activity.

We say the defendant failed in that duty. He left Kim tied neck and foot on the floor, with a mask on his face and drugs in his body while he fell asleep nearby.

Paramedics were unable to find a pulse, they were unable to open his mouth, an indication rigamortis had set in.

Kim had been dead for some time, perhaps in contradiction to what the defendant had told the 999 operator.

The defendant was told by paramedics that it was unlikely Kim would survive, and he asked if he would have any liability for it.

The trial continues at Bristol Crown Court.


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