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Man Tripping On LSD Saves Dog From Imaginary Fire

Man Tripping On LSD Saves Dog From Imaginary Fire



Human beings are capable of great things when they put their minds to it, and when Michael Orchard saw flames from a neighbour’s house he sprang into action.

Sadly for Michael he was the only one seeing the fire, likely a result of his alleged LSD use.

The 43-year-old from Halfmoon, New York, was discovered by police outside his neighbour’s home clutching a dog which he had spared from the ‘inferno’.


Trooper Mark Cepiel is reported by the i100 as commenting:

He believed the residence was on fire. And he was rescuing the dog.

According to reports from other residents, Orchard had been roaming the street banging on doors to get help, but when nobody saw the same blazing building he took action into his own hands.

Orchard is alleged to have ploughed his car through a fence before smashing through the back door to save the dog. He’s been charged with second degree burglary and third degree criminal mischief for his trouble.


Well, his heart was in the right place at least, but his mind – well that was on another planet by the sounds of it.

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