Man Who Filmed Himself Sexually Assaulting Teen Sentenced To Prison

Man Who Filmed Himself Sexually Assaulting Teen Sentenced To Prison

A Canadian man who filmed himself sexually assaulting a teenager using his victim’s phone has been sentenced to 26 months in prison.

Drayton Dwayne Preston, 20, broke into the bedroom of a passed-out 17-year-old friend before raping her, filming himself sexually assaulting her on her phone and posting the footage to Facebook.

Preston pleaded guilty to one count of sexual assault at a previous hearing and has now been taken into custody in Calgary on Tuesday, CBC has reported.

Preston and a group of friends – including the victim, her boyfriend and Preston’s girlfriend – were partying at a house in Calgary on 29 July 2016, the court heard.

As the night ended, the victim and her boyfriend, who were both drunk, went back to a bedroom, had sex, then passed out.

Early in the morning as the pair were sleeping, Preston broke into the bedroom by removing the screen from a window.

He then raped the victim – who woke up during the attack then passed out – before waking up again an hour later to find Preston at the side of her bed sexually assaulting her.

The frightened victim – who can’t be named for legal reasons – pretended to be asleep while Preston carried out two more assaults. Later she got up to tearfully tell another friend what had happened before Preston fled the scene.

Later that night, the victim found out that Preston had taken photos and film footage of the attacks. The 20-year-old’s girlfriend confronted the victim, mistakenly believing she had sent them to him.

Preston had used the victim’s own phone to take nude photos of the girl, before uploading them to Facebook after the assaults and deleting them from her phone.

According to CBC, the minute-long video Preston also uploaded showed him approaching the victim’s bed, removing the blanket and fondling her, all while her boyfriend was asleep next to her.”It’s a fundamental lack of respect for others that you demonstrated,” said provincial court Judge Gord Wong as he sentenced Preston.

“You’re not satisfied with committing this sexual offence, you go ahead and use someone else’s phone to take photos … send it back to yourself and post it to Facebook.”

In addition to his prison sentence Preston will remain on the sex offenders’ register for 20 years.

This isn’t the only crime in Canada recently where pics uploaded to social media have led to the perpetrator’s downfall.

Last year 21-year-old Canadian Cheyenne Rose Antoine, from Saskatchewan, was given seven years in prison after she pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of her best friend Brittney Gargol.

Police deduced that Antoine was the culprit after seeing a Facebook selfie of Antoine wearing a belt that had later been found at the scene of the killing.

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