This Man’s Story About Having Sex With His Cousin Is All Kinds Of F*cked Up

We’re used to some pretty messed up stuff on UK morning TV, from a lesbian love triangle involving Jeremy Kyle to actual on-screen fights but like burgers, BBQs and missiles the Americans do everything bigger.

In a recent episode of Jerry Springer viewers were shocked when a man named Billy admitted to cheating on his fiancee with his own cousin, despite the fact she’d just had his baby, The Sun reports.

Billy had been seeing his fiancee, Macenzy, for just four months when he proposed but after four failed marriage attempts Billy took it as a sign from The Almighty that maybe they weren’t supposed to get married.


How a religious crisis leads to you fucking your cousin I don’t know but Billy managed it somehow, explaining that he ran into his cousin while out shopping one day.

After chatting about Billy’s problems for awhile they began to flirt and eventually ended up fucking each other in the car, which is the perfect storm of gross and uncomfortable.

Jerry, being a reasonable human being, confronted Billy on his infidelity asking: “It doesn’t sound like you’re committed to the woman you wanted to marry? Were you just trying to get on our show?”


While Bill denied sleeping with his cousin for fame he wasn’t sure if he was committed to his old fiancee any more and, being the chivalrous type, decided to tell her about his dalliance on national television.

Needless to say Macenzy was devastated at the news shouting at Billy that he was the one who convinced her to stop taking his birth control to which he replied ‘I don’t are she’s hot’.

Jerry then provoked the situation by bringing on Billy’s cousin Hunter which rather predictably caused a fight to break out.

After Jerry had put out the fire he started Macenzy decided she was going to finish with Billy which sounds like a good idea to me…

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