There’s another wealthy and bro-tastic Instagrammer in town. And this time, he’s got weed.

Meet Michael Straumietis, the self-proclaimed Marijuana Don who’s joining the ranks of Dan Bilzerian and Travers Beynon — Instagram playboys with constant streams of photos showing nearly nude models, private jets, and fast cars.

While Bilzerian and Beynon are both wealthy heirs, Straumietis comes from a lower-middle-class family, according to the Daily Mail. His father reportedly died when he was young and his mother struggled with drugs.

Now, he runs a “multimillion-dollar” marijuana-growing empire, and he’s getting more popular on Instagram, with commenters calling him “the Dan Bilzerian of kush.”

And as far as we know, the Canadian-based business is legal. He doesn’t sell marijuana — he sells top-of-the-line fertilizers for growing it.

Here are some photos of his ridiculous lifestyle:

He started it as a fertilizer company at 19. Then, at 23, his friends encouraged him to switch his focus to helping them grow hydroponic marijuana.

He sold his lawn fertilizer business, rented a few mansions to convert into growing houses, and became a massive underground grower. Thirty years and a stint in jail later, he’s now taking advantage of marijuana legalization with a company that reportedly rakes in $50 million per year.

This guy knows how to party.


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