Married Drama Teacher Has Lesbian Affair With Student, Brags To Friends

Married Drama Teacher Has Lesbian Affair With Student, Brags To Friends


Sarah Barton has admitted to having sex with one of her female students.

The 37-year-old drama teacher was recently banned from ever teaching again after it was discovered that she had planned a trip to take a female student to see the musical Matilda, and then proceeded to have sex with her at a hotel. That wasn’t the only time the pair hooked up as Barton also hooked up with the student in a car and in fields. And if that wan’t enough, Barton bragged about it to her friends.


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A misconduct panel heard all about Barton and her affair that kicked off after she met the student during a play rehearsal. Once they became friends it progressed to meeting in private to kiss, and then eventually turned to sex.

Here’s what misconduct panel chairman Mark Tweedle said:

“Regardless of who actually organized this trip to Matilda, it took place when your relationship with Pupil A had been developing for some time. This was clearly inappropriate. Witness 1 states that you had told her that you had had sex with Pupil A in your car and in fields.

There were numerous opportunities for the relationship to be terminated by her. This was a sexually motivated relationship that continued despite warnings from her colleagues. It was not a one-off spontaneous event.”


Photo: Facebook

The married teacher, who worked at the unnamed Essex school from 2007 to last summer, was banned from the classroom for life after admitting 12 allegations of misconduct. The ban may be lifted after five years if Barton can prove she is fit to return to the classroom.



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