Married Guy Cheats On His Wife By Allegedly Having Sex With His Mom After She Told Him He Was ‘Handsome’ On Facebook


44-year-old Melissa Kitchens and 25-year-old Shaun Pfeiffer were both charged with incest after allegations that the mother and son pair had slept together came to light.

According to police documents, Kitchens had sex with her son in August despite the fact that 1. They’re mother and son, and 2. Pfeiffer is married. Though if those two hard truths don’t deter you from banging your mother, imagine all the good in the world this guy could do if he really put his mind to it. Start a colony on Mars, end world hunger, figure out how to add a “Only 7’s and above” filter on Tinder – truly, his ability to set his mind to task and slog through it no matter how arduous is wasted on having (alleged) sex with his mom.

And while this story is already odd, things get slightly weirder when you take into consideration what his mother previously wrote on Facebook

The mum has previously written on Facebook while commenting on a picture of her son: “Can’t get over how handsome you are.”

In a post that suggests family problems, she also wrote on social media: “Just trying To Brighten The Mood—- Things are Very Stressful and I Love You and I Respect Any Decision— As Long as your Happy and Safe………. I miss you& wish I had more time w you…… Your Very Valuable and Hopefully The Stresses—- Will get better.”

Most mothers considering “brightening the mood” to be baking cookies or treating the kids to ice cream, not sucking your kid’s dick. But what do I know? I’m not a parent.

Pfeiffer is reportedly being held on $70,500 bail, whereas his mother is only being held on $30,000.

Their next court date is set for late September.


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