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Married Teacher Jailed After Forcing Pupil To Have Anal Sex

Married Teacher Jailed After Forcing Pupil To Have Anal Sex


A married teacher has been jailed for two years after it was revealed that she had slept with a 12-year-old pupil numerous times while giving him tutoring lessons at his home.

The 29-year-old teacher, Michelle Sulzicki, had heard that the boy enjoyed watching porn so told him that she preferred to have sexual intercourse, reports the Daily Star.


Sulzicki then forced the boy to have sex with her and they continued having frequent sex for a two-year period where they engaged in sexual acts, including anal and oral sex, over 20 times, sometimes without condoms.

At one point, the pre-teen even feared that he had got her pregnant but DNA tests later proved that it was not his child.

Yesterday the former teacher, from Stratford, Connecticut, was sentenced to two-years imprisonment followed by ten years of probation. She will also be placed on the sex offenders register for life.

Judge Devlin said:

This whole thing came up when you learned this 12-year-old boy was looking at pornography.

That should have been a teaching moment but instead that is what triggered this sexual activity. All teachers are hurt when one does a bad thing.

With her husband and parents standing behind her in the dock, Sulzicki said:

I just want to apologise for all the pain and suffering I have caused.

The student reported the teacher to a social worker at the school which led to a police probe.


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OK, she’s fat, but should get a reduced sentence for anal.

She did get a reduced sentence imagine if the teacher had been male.

…she’s not fat, she’s wearing pantyhose and farted.

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