Marvel Hints The First Muslim Superhero Will Be Brought Into MCU –

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a pretty diverse place: you’ve got people of all ages, races, colours and creeds together under one roof. But it appears that the MCU is about to get a touch more variety with the inclusion of Ms Marvel.

She is, of course, Marvel’s first Muslim character to headline her own comic book.

Making her debut in 2014, Kamala Khan, a teenage American Muslim from New Jersey, realised she was a superhero when she discovered she had shapeshifting abilities.

She’s a part of the Inhuman gene pool, which includes other heroes like Black Bolt, Medusa and Maximus the Mad.

Kamala adopted the name Ms Marvel after drawing inspiration from her idol Carol Danvers, who became Captain Marvel.

Danvers’ story is in the process of being turn into a Marvel film at the moment, with Brie Larson cast as the superhero.



Speaking to the BBC about that project, Marvel boss Kevin Feige said: “Ms. Marvel, which is another character in the comic books, the Muslim hero who is inspired by Captain Marvel, is definitely sort of in the works.

“We have plans for that once we’ve introduced Captain Marvel to the world.”

Look, ‘definitely sort of’ isn’t the same as a confirmation but at least it’s not out of the realm of possibility to bring Khan’s story to life.

Understandably, Marvel has its hands very full at the moment with Ant-Man and the WaspCaptain Marvel, the second part to Avengers: Infinity War, a sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming and the third instalment to The Guardians of the Galaxy series.

That’s not even taking into account the several TV shows that Marvel is juggling.

There’s no clue on whether Ms Marvel would first debut on the small screen or meet up with the Avengers – what’s left of them.

While Infinity War provided a platform to wrap up the Avengers series, we might not be officially saying goodbye to them in the fourth film.

Disney CEO Bob Iger said, according to Radio Times: “I’m guessing we will try our hand at what I’ll call a new franchise beyond Avengers, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t see more Avengers down the road. We just haven’t made any announcements about that.

“Given the popularity of the characters and given the popularity of the franchise, I don’t think people should conclude there will never be another Avengers movie.”

So there’s definitely scope for Ms Marvel to make her appearance at some point.





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