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Medieval Viking Ulfberht Sword Is So Damn Awesome

Medieval Viking Ulfberht Sword Is So Damn Awesome



Medieval Viking Ulfberht swords are some of the most famous swords in history because they were so obscenely strong that it’s almost unbelievable that bladesmiths in the 9th century were even able to make them. Made from crucible steel, the swords stood out from everything from that time period. Hell, the process of forging these Ulfberht swords is so difficult that even modern bladesmiths have trouble getting the sword right.

The guys at Baltimore Knife and Sword took on the historical challenge of cooking up an Ulfberht and you can watch the entire process below. It’s ridiculously time consuming, and the metal is extremely finicky but, to see where they started (mixing together cast iron and iron in a crucible) to where they ended (adding the finishing touches by etching the Ulfberht inscription in wrought iron) is totally fascinating for anybody who likes to see how things used to be done centuries ago (or for anyone who just likes a sharp blade).


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